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Forestry machinery

We offer a variety of equipment for forest planting, maintenance, and logging. Learn more by Clicking the "Forestry" sub-menu.

Sawmill machinery

We design, manufacture and service a variety of sawmill equipment. All products are manufactured according to clients' needs. We have a 1500 m2 production space in Viljandi County, Estonia. We provide equipment dismantling and installation service in Estonia and other countries. Learn more by clicking on "Sawmill" sub-menu.

Energetics machinery

We manufacture up to 8 MW biofuel-fired boiler plants and container boiler houses. We possess the right to install pressure equipment. Learn more by clicking on "Boiler plant" sub-menu.


Forestry machinery product range is "Prosilva" and "Logbear" harvesters and forwarder, "TPF" forest harrows, "KETO" harvester heads, and "TEKNAMOTOR" chippers. We have forest machinery repairbase for maintenance in Viljandi County. Contact us to request additional information about our products.

Event 1

    Light weight harverster with a powerful motor, which allows to perform chopping and thinning.

Event 2

    Tractor for felling and gathering, equipped with caterpillar tracks, which ensures good penetration on soft soils.

Event 3
  • TPF

    Forest harrows are suitable for the preparation of the soil for planting, sowing and natural upgrading.

Event 4

    Polish company's different shredders and crushers, which are reliable and made with high quality parts.

Event 5
  • KETO

    Harvester heads in seven different sizes for thinning, pruning and felling.


Machinery for sawmills product range is wide. We design and manufacture all the products according to customer needs. We provide equipment disassembly and installation service in Estonia and other countries.

Event 6
  • Conveyors and feeder lines

    We manufacture different lines and conveyors for sawmills, that work with logs and planks.

Event 7
  • Conveyors for bulk material

    We manufacture a variety of conveyors according to customer needs: chain and drag chain conveyors, belt conveyors, screw conveyors.

Event 8

    Italian company's hydraulic press for making wood briquette.

Event 9

    Wood driers from technologically advanced Italian company.

Event 17
  • Logistics

    We have long experience in logistics and we provide equipment dismantling, transportation and installation services.


Product range in energy machinery includes up to 8 MW biofuel-fired boiler plants and container boiler houses. Information about our products can be found below. Contact us to request additional information.

Event 10
  • Biofuel boiler plant

    We have long experience of designing and building boiler houses that operate with hash and wood waste.

Event 11

    We can install scrubbers from Finnish company Condens. Condensing heat recovery from boiler flue gases can be achieved.

Event 12

    Biofuel boilers with output power of 20..500 kW from a company named HT Enerco.

Event 13
  • Container boiler houses

    We manufacture container boiler houses with the output of 40..1000 kW.

Event 14

    Electric generators from Italy.

Event 15

    Pellet fireplaces from a technologically leading Italian company.

Event 16

    Burners for central heating systems. This biofuel burner is reliable and easy to control.


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